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lundi 19 octobre 2020

SDEP Weekly - New selection!

A Weekly Shot Of Newcomers And Young Guns - hand-picked with love & care by SDEP.com (available on all services).

vendredi 16 octobre 2020

Out Now: 'Lonely Riot', album from Helluvah

"Lonely Riots", Helluvah's new album, addresses the matter of relationship break-up, the kind of one that makes you shatter, jump into the void, that makes you want to burn down everything, out of despair, rage, excesses... but that you live alone, inside yourself. Like riots, but alone.
From a musical point of view: BobX, who has been producing her albums since the very beginning, and who plays with Helluvah on stage, suggested to cover a song from The Cure ("A Forest") in concert. It made him want to play dark tracks, with fast tempos, to put guitars as much furious ("Different Now", "Destroy", "Everywhere You Go") as more crystalline ("Whisper").

At the same time, after having written a track in French on the previous record ("La Fête"), released another track in French in the winter of 2019 ("La Côte d'Azur"), Helluvah wanted to keep on exploring this path, from which emerged "Soleil noir" and "Mon cœur est parti à la guerre". But for French penned songs, Helluvah is attracted to a more pop, more electronic form, it's not rock strictly speaking, even if there are loud guitars.
This desire for rock and more pop forms converges with tracks that mix a little bit of both, like "Sex in the club", "I know I know", "Hysterical".

Helluvah has played in a dozen of countries (USA, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Lithuania...), at the Festival Les Femmes S'en Mêlent (Paris), and opened for Shaka Ponk, Ayo, Asa, Moriarty, Ann Pierlé, etc....

Her music has been featured or reviewed on Libération, France Culture, Télérama Sortir, les Inrocks, Tsugi, Radio Nova, Radio Néo, Ferarock radios, Longueur D'Ondes, Têtu, Magic...